How to Schedule a Pick Up?

To schedule a pick up,please go to "SCHEDULE PICK UP" and fill in the form.
Once form is complete,PRESS to IMPRESS will send you a confirmation text message.
It is important you provide us an active mobile number.

How much noticed is required for a pick up?

At least one day before,please.

What is an acceptable basket?

Please refer to "BASKETS DO'S &  DON'T'S" page.
If your basket is way too big, we may need to apply an additional charge.
If you are having a lot of clothes for ironing in just one pick up,we suggest you may have to have more than one basket and divide them accordingly.

Why my suburb is not included in your servicing area?

At the moment,we are only capable to service the surrounding suburbs 18km from Roselands.However, we are looking forward to expand our servicing suburbs in the future.

Do I need to provide my own hangers?

PRESS to IMPRESS provide standard wire hangers for garments that require hanging though we encourage our customers to provide their own hangers if they can.

PRESS to IMPRESS is aiming to help the environment by eliminating the volume of wire hangers we provide to our valued customers.

We would greatly appreciate if you can provide us your own hangers on the pick up schedule.

What if the allocated schedule in my suburb doesn't suit me?

Please contact us and we will do our best to arrange the best possible schedule for you.

What if I won't be at home for some reason during pick up/delivery?

For some reason you won't be present on the time of pick up,you may leave your basket and hangers at your door.We will then send you a text message notification that we have picked up your basket.

In our delivery,you may also leave in your doorstep the clothing rail for us to hang your clothes that are on hangers.We will then send you a text message notification that we have delivered back your clothes.

Most of our valued customers do this,unfortunately you have to agree that we will not take responsibility if any of your items go missing.

What are the payment methods available?

Payment can be made during a pick up or delivery.
For this,you may pay CASH or PAYPAL HERE -similar to eftpos -(accepts visa,mastercard,american express and credit card)

You can also make your payment by direct deposit into our Bank Account or into our Paypal account.
These options require payment BEFORE we come to pick up your basket.
If you choose to pay by Bank Deposit or Paypal Account,we will provide you the details after the confirmation of your pick up schedule.

Do PRESS to IMPRESS issue an invoices/receipts?

Definitely,however PRESS to IMPRESS issue an invoices/receipts through email.

Why there is a maximum of 10 shirts per basket?

This is due to eliminate the customers who are sending us baskets containing full of shirts alone.

Do I need to fill in the SCHEDULE PICK UP FORM everytime I require service?

No,once you have filled in the form on your first order,you are not required to fill it in again as we have your contact details already.We will communicate with you through your best contact number to set a regular service.
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